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 List of Adult Linkex Link Exchange websites


These rules apply to the Link Exchanges located here

We have been bombarded with link farms that have 300+ outgoing links with no content, and websites all coming from the same IP, and a shitload of non-adult websites etc..   In an effort to reduce the sheer volume of crappy return links, All reciprocal links must meet the following requirements:

Please DO NOT exchange links with EVERY SINGLE site or trade traffic with sites that are irrelevant to your websites!.


  • Porn Sites only
  • Link Exchanges must be in the same exact niche
  • No Link Farms (or fake emails, those seem to go hand in hand)
  • No Excessive Popups

Detailed Explanation of Rules:

  • Porn Sites only (no non-porn, no pharm, no illegal shit, etc.. and FYI: I am on the verge of not allowing sex toys! Currently Sex Toys are allowed only if the exchange is with a solo masturbation site, strapon site, or something related to toys. )
  • Try to match the Niche AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the sites you are exchanging with.  
    • For Example: Do not trade Celebrity Sites with Shemale sites.  
  • NO LINK FARMS (or fake emails, i.e.:
    • Max outgoing links on your index: (Should really be under 70) Specified on Each Trade Page
    • Max # of your links from a single IP: Varies from 1 to 2 Depending on PR (See chart below)
    • DO NOT trade your site with EVERY SINGLE Site of ours. 
  • NO EXCESSIVE POP-UP'S: 1 Exit OR 1 Enter Console is acceptable, anything more than that you'll be blacklisted.
  • We will only remove your link under the following circumstances:
    • You violate the rules on this page. (You will be blacklisted)  
    • You remove your link immediately after signing up. (Obvious Bait and Switch Link Exchanges are blacklisted)*
    • Your site turns into a link farm or is no longer listed in Google (which indicates a problem with your site and we wish to avoid bad neighborhoods).

    Warning: Sites using Free Hosting or Virtual Accounts will not be approved: The problem with using free hosts is that's what most link farms tend to use as a reciprocal link, hence why many webmasters do not allow trades with them. If you are using a free host or a virtual account that has many users on the same IP address, exchange links at your own risk. If there is an abusive website on the same IP address as you, your site might be affected if we blacklist their IP address. One other issue is that we also restrict the number of links coming from the same IP and this can also cause an issue.

Most common reasons for being blacklisted:

  • Your site is not a Porn Site, or your site's niche is not relevant.
  • Your site is a Link Farm (Your site exceeds our max allowed outgoing links, Signing your site up for every single site of ours, or your site has NO content just links)
  • Your site is cloaking your reciprocal link
  • Your site has excessive pop-ups, page hijacking, viruses, spyware, etc
  • You are a scammer trying to sell ad spots by doing bogus link trades and pretending our sites are yours.

*NOTE: We do not blacklist you if your link is missing (unless it is an obvious bait and switch, i.e.: you traded with a bunch of sites and your link is missing the very next day). Instead if your link is missing, your link with us is suspended until the link back is returned. If your link remains missing for several weeks, we may then delete your link permanently.

Any Questions? Contact us:  ICQ: 265-593-735

Reciprocal Link Restrictions
Any site that trades with us should really have less than 70-80 links (and definitely no more than 90) on it's main index page, anything over that is considered a link farm to us.  The following restrictions are set by the script we use so that we do not deny a good trader in error.  

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